New Year Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to the 2020 On Point Fitness Challenge!

We have partnered up with Registered Dietitian Liz Riesen of Venture Nutrition to provide you the best nutritional advice we can to help launch you into the New Year on the right foot! Liz has provided each participant a Meal Prep Guidebook, nutrition checklist, meal planning sheet, healthy food/snack lists, and example diets to follow. This challenge will push us to get into a steady habit of eating right, working out consistently, and creating an environment to feel confident and comfortable in your own body.

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Get Fit, Lose Weight, Live Healthy

The challenge

  1. Measure Body fat % before and after competition to see how much we can burn!
  2. Consistently attend 3x/week workouts at On Point Fitness Club
  3. Weekly nutrition checklist and meal plan sheets to be turned in
  4. Engagement in our private Facebook group led by Liz
  5. $50 for club members and $199 for non club members

The challenge will follow the following guidelines; each week contestants will be required to fill out a daily nutrition checklist that covers eating veggies, drinking water and avoiding added sugar. 1 point/week for a turned in sheet. Contestants will be required to write out a weekly meal planner guide for themselves for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks also to be turned in at the end of the week for  1 point/week. The final piece to the scoring of the challenge will be the workouts. The goal is to make 3 workouts each week which is a total of 18 workout over 6 weeks. Each workout is worth 1 point.

Each contestant will also be asked to participate in a private Facebook group that will include Coaches Tom and Nick, Liz and all the participants. The group will be used to ask questions, share experiences and issues faced over the course of the 6 weeks. 1 time per week Liz will come on and answer all the questions she can.

Determining the Winner

Highest point total (6 points for weekly checklist, 6 points for weekly meal plan, 18 points for workouts) + largest amount of Body fat % lost will be the winner of either $250 cash or $500 On point Fitness Club Credit.

Win $250 cash or $500 On Point Fitness Club credit

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