Welcome to On Point Fitness Club. We are a gym eager to assist you in your current fitness goals, as well as help you establish new ones. Our mission is simple; we help you move better, so you can live better. We train our clients to use their bodies the way they were intended to be used; this concept is called Functional Training, or what we like to call Transferable Training. Transferable Training helps to train muscles to perform together and prepare them for the daily grind by performing movements done through-out your life.

An example of an exercise in Transferable Training is the Squat. A Squat helps to train the muscles used when you get in or out of a chair or pick up items. By training your muscles to work the way they normally do, you prepare your body to perform well for all that life throws at you.

What are the some of the benefits of Transferable Training?

  • Reduced Impact on the body
  • Increases the bodies flexibility and coordination
  • Decreases the lasting impact of such things as sitting in a desk chair all day
  • Enhanced muscle memory
  • Provides an improved sense of balance and posture
  • Can help with joint pain
  • Greatly reduces your chance of injury
How can you train with us?

  • Group Training (One hour, max of 15 per session)
  • Private Training (Half and full hour – 1 on 1 session)
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