On Point Fitness Club is a training facility providing Small Group Training, Private Training, Semi-Private Training, and Athletic Performance Training. Our mission is simple; Help individuals move better so they can live better. The focus of our system is on training muscles to perform together and prepare them for the real world with a variety of training techniques geared toward natural and functional movements. These movements allow each one of our members to channel their inner “athlete”.

Small Group Training is designed for those who wish to train within a community of members who push and encourage one another to move better and live healthier. Classes can be scaled to all skill levels.

Private Training is for those who seek to train for a specific goal and need more detailed supervision and flexibility in their training schedule. Our trainers will lead the way to success.

Semi-Private Training is available for up to 4 people at a time who wish to train toward a specific goal and is tailored to each individual skill set. *Price varies based on number of people per session.

Athletic Performance Training is open to ages 12 and older and focuses on building a strong foundation of strength, speed, and power that will set you apart from the competition.